(Scottish Gaelic) Adjective
strong, determined, unyielding.

About Laidir

Laidir (Laidir Leisure Limited) was founded in 1980 by David P Webster OBE with the objective of supplying products to the rapidly evolving fitness sector. The business has been owned and managed since the mid 1980s by his sons, Nigel and David Webster.

Located in the industrial heartland of Scotland, Laidir has become one of Europe's major suppliers of fitness products, with a significant presence in both B2C and B2B markets.


  • Turnover (forecast) 2015 £21 million / €27.7 million / USD$32 million
  • Operating from 11 locations across UK plus selected partners across Europe

Brands by Laidir

Powerhouse Fitness

Powerhouse Fitness has a network of specialist fitness shops across the UK. From the UK's longest-established fitness shop (London Charing Cross Underground) to the most northerly Powerhouse store (Aberdeen), Powerhouse is proud to serve the nation's fitness enthusiasts.

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Bodymax Fitness is Europe's fastest growing brand of fitness products. The strap line "Performance without compromise" represents the brand approach to product design and specification, and is equally relevant to the spirit of endeavour and self improvement typical of Bodymax customers.

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Smart-Tec Nutrition

Smart-Tec Performance Nutrition combines outstanding formulas designed to optimise athletic performance and physical development, whilst ensuring that drug-tested athletes remain compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules. Smart-Tec products taste fantastic, mix well, and are beautifully presented with innovative and exciting packaging.

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Cloberfield House,
57 Beardmore Way,
Clydebank Industrial Estate,
Clydebank, Glasgow,
G81 4HT,
United Kingdom

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